Razer Naga Review

I’ve had my razer naga for a while now. I purchased it as a replacement for my old Diamondback 3g. It was more of a “Time for an upgrade” than a “My mouse is broken” replacement. My diamondback is still safe in my drawer as a spare, the thing works great after all these years. But onto the naga.

First off the mouse looks fantastic visually. I purchased the naga molten which is the same mouse with a different aesthetic, it glows a bright red and fades on and off in an epic kind of way.

As far as its construction is concerned the mouse feels incredibly solid. It looks and feels well engineered and built and i suspect it will last me years to come just like my diamondback did!

The mouses shape was a far cry from my old diamondback which had a long low profile shape. The naga is short from end to end and bulges upwards a bit to fill your palm. It took some getting used to the finger rest on the side but now i love it and it feels like an extension of my hand. It’s incredibly comfortable to game for long hours at a time with very little fatigue on my hand as well.

Now for the technical parts. The main buttons are very responsive as per razers usual quality. The button will register a click no matter where you press down. It takes very little effort to click as well. The mouses signature side button grid was difficult for me to master at first. I found myself drifting my pointer to the right whenever i tried to press a button but i quickly learned how to hold the mouse in such a way that prevented the drift. The buttons are a bit of a hard press but it’s a necessary provision because otherwise you’d misclick all of the time! The scroll wheel has an excellent resolution with very little space between “Ticks” of the wheel. The ticks are very smooth as well, i’ve experienced quite a few mice with rough wheel clicks and it’s horrible.

The razer synapse driver software provides an excellent array of settings and programs. The macros are quite useful if you take the time to learn and make them good. The gaming profiles are even more useful. Being that i’m a man of many games i find myself being easily able to flip between profiles to suit whichever game i’m playing.

The naga isn’t exclusively an MMO mouse either. Although it was designed with MMO play in mind i’ve found it very useful for play of MOBA games such as league of legends. And even first person shooters where it provides an excellent platform for blazing fast weapon switching and having an array of important function keys right under your thumb gives you more mobility in the field of battle!

Plain Sight

Not to be confused with the TV show In Plain Sight, Plain Sight is an indie game where you play a robot in futuristic low-grav arena. While the premise of the games sounds like something form a low budget action move the execution is sopt on. The aesthetics are simple enough to to be able to play on budget machines yet still look good. Bots even on the hardest settings were no match for my human intellect and sadly the multiplayer on this game has died out. I would say its a must own game however with the lack of people actually playing at this time I cannot actually recommend it .

TL;dr: Wait for the next time its on sale and buy it.

New Shorter Domain Name

Due to popular demand you can now access the site via a shorter domain name just 159i.net for the blog and mc.159i.net for the minecraft blog/forum soon we will have 159i.no-ip.biz for our minecraft server

A view on gamer culture as a whole

Gamer culture. The word is thrown left and right by everyone these days. How many of you have ever dubbed yourself as a gamer? Odds are that if you play games then you have! Now, here’s where my issue lies. Back in the early days of gaming, being a gamer was something special. I myself remember being that little wierdo at school because i’d bring my gameboy in and play pokemon. Naturally there were a few other kids in my class who shared my love of gaming, and we were just drawn to eachother. We all had different collections of games and would share them. There was a sort of fellowship that existed between all gamers of the time. Now flash forward to the 2000s. Gaming has grown, shit is great and people are starting to regard gaming as a legitimate form of media. No longer was playing games the wierd thing to do, it made you cool, having been gaming since the beginning, you were on the cutting edge when everyone started picking up on it.

So now we’re past the early 2000s, gaming is as mainstream as movies and television if not more so. Those of us who were gaming in the beginning are just on the same level as everyone else at this point, we’ve lost what made us special when we were young. Everyone and their mother games and gaming is more popular than ever! Now people still have this idea that being a gamer is like being a part of some kind of culture. However, due to the huge rift that exists between the genres of games these days, that is no longer the case. FPS players and RPG players have about as much in common as people who watch action movies do with people who enjoy dramatic romance films.

Gaming has become disorganized and scattered, the days of going from playing a game of contra and then popping in a copy of dragon warrior are quickly comming to an end. Sure, there’s still that minority of people who truly deserve the title of gamer, those people who immerse themselves in every aspect of it and take an active part in the entire culture as it is today. But there’s also that HUGE majority of people who picked up on gaming at the age of 16 when they got their hands on an Xbox or PS2 and started off as complete noobs. Then they learn to PLAY videogames but can’t seem to hold onto the cultural aspects of it.


Gaming is becoming more and more commercialized and is losing its cultural uniqueness.

Gears Of War 3 Beta

If you haven’t Noticed the Gears Of War 3 Beta is set to be released within the next few days. There were two ways to obtain your beta code for the beta, one way was to preorder the Bulletstorm also created by epic games which would give you the ability to get your copy of the gears of war 3 beta a week or so earlier than the those who chose to use the second method of getting the beta and that was to preorder the actual Gears Of War 3 game which is set to be relased on Tuesday September 20th 2011 which is coming very fast. the beta is going to give everyone a chance to see what is in store for the actual game how the game plays and feels compared to previous Gears Of War 1 & 2. Due to the amount of criticism that Epic games and the other developers have received for there release of Gears Of War 2. They have decided to give those same players who criticized them for there work a beta to test the next installment of the game to enusure that it is up to the requirements of the players. At the same time the developers want to be able to see if the servers can handle all the people that will be coming on the day the beta is released its a stress test to put there entire project to the test. Gears Of War 2 was a very laggy game that was a pain to play but with a few updates the game was made a bit better to not have to perform major updates the beta will be release to implement any fixes necessary before the actual game is released this is like one good use of trial and error to prevent any hatred toward the game that those hardcore gamers would dish out if the game didn’t meet there standards. Hopefully the game ends up being what i expect it to be which is a lot better than gears of war 2 and if it is i will be happy. There are a few MLG Pro gears of war players that are live streaming the Gears Of War 3 beta as we speak  and so far the cosmetics of the game look great. You can not really tell how the game feels to the controller such as the movements just from playing watching the beta you have to just go grab your beta code today before it is too late i made sure to preorder both gears of war 3 and bulletstorm so i do have two beta codes one of which i will be giving away like always follow me on twitter to see any updates on that twitter.com/mrbapestar thanks.

Minecraft Servers

In the past few months i have been searching around for a reliable Building server to play on. I had set a few standards as to what i was to expect from the staff and the players on the server. I was first looking for a server with staff that was online a lot to make sure that any and all griefing was delt with. My second requirement was that the server was to be very offical in that there would be an economy so i had some role to play in the server. You might be saying to yourself why would you want to play in a minecraft server were u had a particular role or job to play within the community and basically my answer to that is simple, I have been playing minecraft since the first few days of release and i have pretty much played on every single type of server except for one that has had an economy so i searched around and little did i know that my friend Ron (Benaldo) actually had a server professionally hosted for me to join it had a white list to prevent just about anybody from getting on you had to have some want to be creative as well as have a good time and want to be in a good environment with great builders. I Have yet to find any flaws to this server other than that you are limited on how high your house needs to be but that is besides the point im trying to make when you are looking for a good server to play minecraft on make sure you don’s settle for anything less than what you expect from a server that you would be running don’t think unless the server is yours it isn’t going to run properly make sure to look around before you decide to create your own and if that is the route that you are looking to take than so be it. Servers need to be regularly updated to ensure that your commands among other things are working properly to ensure that your server you are joining will be frequently update be sure to see if staff are frequently on the server pc so they can get any updates necessary. Hopefully this has given you some insight as to how to properly find a server this isn’t as in depth due to this going to be a few posts long i am going to do a few different perspectives

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Mini Games Mini Review: PewPew2

PewPew2 is an app-game for android  It retails for 2.99. The original PewPew is free.

PewPew2 is at its core a bullet hell game. It draws most of its inspiration form Geometry Wars. However this is not to say that PewPew does not distinguish itself form GW in a few ways. The PewPew team did an excellent job of changing form dual analog to touch screen. Also on my phone there was no slowdown or lag.

The game differs from GW in that you are not in a room with constant spawning, you move form room to room down a hallway of sorts. In some rooms you only need to shoot everything that moves, in others you need to grab colored orbs to kill the corresponding colors.

Overall a fun game if your on the go and feeling the GW itch def worth the ~$3

Minecraft server Survival/Freebuild

Our new 159-Industries minecraft beta server is up with plugins, and soon to be multiple worlds. just type in the IP address into your minecraft and join us. No griefing or stealing please.

introducing a new writer

Today i would like to introdouce all of my readers to a new friend bernaldo he is a close friend of mine and will be helping with the site and the minecraft please treat him with kindness and respect :D


Quick marvel vs capcom 3

hello all readers this is going to be  quick review of marvel vs capcom 3 im in class right now so i need to keep this short. MVC3 is next chapter in the marvel vs capcom series

just a warning to all fighting game fans this is not a balanced game it is quite broken but marvel vs capcom has alwase been broken so this is expected there are about 32 characters in the game with 4 unlockables a few end game movies and opening scenes to unlock. the latest patch is rumored to prep the game for some dlc witch could be cool hopefully free also.

out of all the characters my personal favorites are dante setnal and wasker there not two of witch are massively op. One of the most broken things in this game is X factor when you have one charicter left X factor dose even more. combine this with a super and you have a almost guaranteed win.

this concludes my review of mvc3 i give it a rateing of  9 out of 10 i recomend you pick this one up its avalable on both the ps3 and the xbox 360.